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1. Reservations and one nights deposit required (252-728-3662) Two night minimum stay

2. Cash payment at check out

3. Children ten and over welcomed

4. Restrictions:

No Smoking indoors

No Lighted candles (safety requirement)

No Pets

No Loud music

No Alcoholic Parties

5. Check in 4 - 6 pm (Please call if arrival necessarily delayed or early arrival)

6. Check out 11 am

**Notice of cancellation required 7 days in advance or deposit is forfeited.

Rates (subject to change):

Sky View *$110.00 per night for 1 - 2 persons per room

Tree Top *$125.00 per night for 1 - 2 persons per room

3rd person in room *$15.00 extra.

*State and local taxes apply

Come Stretch Out and Enjoy!!!



M.A. (Mary Ann Williams) Owner and Hostess

The Official Soft Drink of the Covington Lumberjacks

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